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Medical 3D Printing is growing rapidly, yet it hasn't become widely adopted because doctors & hospitals don’t really understand how to access, implement or afford it. In the past 3D Printing required outsourcing to a service bureau and a lot of time and money.

In-House (hospital-based) 3D Printing is gaining popularity because it offers personalized treatment solutions such as anatomical surgical planning models that are immediately available without dependency on expensive external service providers. 
Ossa 3D
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1. Patient's own CT DICOM images are anonymized and uploaded to the iPad app over cloud.
  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant.

2. Automated Workflow enables 3D Model Generation with the Touch of a Finger
  • Rapid: in seconds.
  • Any anatomical area or tissue.
  • Selection tools optimize print size, density and cost.
  • Accuracy tested and meets industry standard.
3. Patent pending sketch and sculpt interface allows for interactive design of custom implants:
  • From “natural” 2D sketch input to 3D shape output in seconds.
  • Perfect custom fit.
4. Export “print-ready” .STL files to your desktop 3D print lab or service bureau.
  • From iPad to Print in one simple step: eliminate the need for additional intermediate software steps such as Meshmixer.
  • Digital output also allows for virtual surgical planning and easy integration into VR/AR platforms.
The OSSA 3D mobile-app software allows surgeons, radiologists, research assistants, medical students, lab technicians and other non-engineers to quickly create accurate, digital 3D anatomical models from medical imaging data.
Enabling access to affordable and immediate 
in-house 3D printing.
A beautiful touch-screen interface 
and automated workflow so simple 
it can be operated by any doctor or non-engineer.
By combining our software with affordable desktop 3D printers, suitable for use in healthcare, we can now make 3D printing more affordable and accessible than ever before.
If you are interested in medical 3D printing we promise to help you get there faster and cheaper!
To date only a few hospitals have implemented 3D printing because of the enormous capital cost associated with purchasing expensive industrial grade 3D printers, complex software and hiring engineers to run them.

In the current operating climate, physicians need solutions that can save time and money, while also improving quality of care. 
By combining our software with affordable desktop 3D printers, suitable for use in healthcare, we can now make 
3D printing more affordable and accessible than ever before.
"'s the quickest part of the whole process..."
-Research Assistant, Canada
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Easy-to-use, rapid and accurate 3D printing software at a fraction of the cost.
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from the creators of Meshmixer comes 
3D Model Generation 
with the Touch of a Finger.
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Intuitive, Automated, Fast >> Mobile.