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Medical 3D Printing is growing rapidly, yet it hasn't become widely adopted because doctors don’t really understand how to access, implement or afford it.

Software is an important, but enormously complicated, time consuming and costly part of the process. Doctors are therefore dependent on engineers to help create digital 3D models. 

The process is: 
  • Complex: multiple difficult software packages.
  • Slow: 1-2 hours per model.
  • Expensive: $10,000/year (not including engineer labour).
Ossa 3D
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1. Patient's own CT DICOM images are anonymized and uploaded to the iPad app
  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant.

2. Automated Digital 3D Model Generation with the Touch of a Finger
  • In seconds.
  • Any anatomical area is possible.
  • Selection tools help to optimize print size and cost.
  • Accuracy meets industry standard.
Our Solution is Easy-to-use, Fast and Affordable.
3. Patent pending sketch and sculpt interface allows for interactive design of custom implants
  • From “natural” 2D sketch input to 3D shape output in seconds.
  • Perfect custom fit.

4. Export “print-ready” .STL files for validation to your hospital's 3D print lab, service bureau or your very own office desktop 3D printer
  • Digital output also allows for virtual surgical planning and easy integration into VR/AR platforms.
Automated 3D Model and Implant Generation with the Touch of a Finger.